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For a free copy of "You and Your Publicist",
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You and Your Publicist

This colourful, easy-to-read guide to PR and the media is aimed at
independent arts producers.

It demystifies arts promotion, tells you what to expect - and when to expect it - and shows how to get the most out of your publicist.

The 24-page, A5 format booklet explains everything you need to promote your event and includes tips on photography, opening night invitations, 'freebies', reviews, damage control and how to measure success. Plus much, much more!

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High resolution PDF : Download here (16MB)

Request the separate Music Industry edition by email

Printing tip: set your printer to 'booklet' format which should allow you to print double sided (one side at a time) in A4 landscape. Then simply place the pages in correct order and fold.



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